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The XX – Infinity (Flufftronix Remix)

on Pop Dubstep Remixes 23 Sep, 2012


There’s just something about The XX that goes perfect with
dubstep, and it is no coincidence that this site is filled with
several dubstep remixes of the group.
The drop at about 1:11 saying I can’t give it up almost made
me crap myself, and I give Flufftronix all the props for that as
well as for the incredible vocals and bass.
Definitely worth following the rest of his work.


Mt Eden Dubstep – Madonna Frozen

on Pop Dubstep Remixes 23 Sep, 2012


While I was never much of a Madonna fan, frozen is definitely
a great classic pop song, and the brilliant Mt Eden definitely takes
it to an entirely new level, thanks to his unique melodic style that seems almost meditative.


Ellie Goulding – High For This (PatrickReza Dubstep Remix)

on Pop Dubstep Remixes 23 Sep, 2012


Yeah I know…  another Ellie Goulding Dubstep Remix, but
what can I say, while I find her generally adorable regardless
of dubstep, the combination just works perfectly.
Of course PatrickReza deserves some credit, but not all
since I can’t honestly say this remix is that amazing, but
enjoyable nonetheless.


Michael Jackson – Speed Demon (NERO REMIX)

on Pop Dubstep Remixes 23 Sep, 2012


At last! a great Michael Jackson Dubstep Remix… and boy
was it worth the wait! Nero has accomplished what most DJS
failed to, which is to create a dubstep remix  that didn’t murder
the original, but maintain its unique Michael Jackson vibe and
combine it with some incredible, untypically fast, dubstep.


The XX – Shelter (HULK Remix)

on Pop Dubstep Remixes 3 Apr, 2012


Some of you may have noticed by now that I love The XX
as I’ve already included several dubstep remixes of their songs.
While I wasn’t too keen of the vocal changes,
I still found Hulk’s remix of Shelter by The XX
to be a great case of creating a chill dubstep
while also maintaining a sick drop, along
the original sensuality of the song.


Bruno Mars – Just The Way You Are (Ember Waves Dubstep Remix)

on Pop Dubstep Remixes 3 Apr, 2012


It appears as if Bruno Mars is in almost all songs out nowadays,
which doesn’t bother me that much as I find him genuinely talented.
Just the Way You Are, Bruno Mars’s debut single from his
debut album is remixed tremendously well by Ember Waves
who created a whole different vibe of head banging to
a solely romantic song, also making Bruno Mars say
“I would change her face” at around 0:38
was rather amusing, and the drop, oh the drop.


Selena Gomez – Naturally (Kage & Westlee Remix)

on Pop Dubstep Remixes 3 Apr, 2012


Selena Gomez Naturally Dubstep Remix

Is Selenga Gomez of legal age by now? Just wondering…
Just wondering… anyway,  while I am not a fan of Naturally
by Selena Gomez and The Scene (I find the song annoying),
when it comes to dubstep I’ll give anything a shot.
This time I got rewarded, as Kage & Westlee’s dubstep remix
of Naturally is an amazing example of how a
great chillstep remix is done, which almost completely
redeems the original.


Britney Spears – Till the World Ends Dubstep Remix by Mike Mulah

on Pop Dubstep Remixes 2 Apr, 2012


I often get annoyed by the fake partying
one sees in Britney Spears’s music videos
(as with many pop artists) but the fake partying
in her hit song Till the World Ends, a song which I didn’t care
much for to begin with, really shines in its annoyance.
However, I did like the remix with Nicki Minaj & Ke$ha
which contained dubstep elements throughout the song.
The dubstep remix of Till the World Ends however,
by the relatively unknown Mike Mulah, both redeems
the original and surpasses the famous remix.


Gotye ft. Kimbra – Somebody That I Used To Know (KDrew Dubstep Remix)

on Pop Dubstep Remixes 2 Apr, 2012


I am quite in love with “Somebody That I Used to Know”
but I find it to be one of the most embarrassing songs
to be caught sing out loud to (yes that happend to me).
Anyway, when I started listening to KDrew’s dubstep remix
I felt like oh boy… another attempt to remix this song, as
they all turn into disasters as soon the drop hit, but not this time.
From the amazing intro, the amazing vocals and drops, KDrew nailed it
with his dubstep remix of Somebody That I Used to Know.


Florence & The Machine – Rabbit Heart (Slof Man & Elkat Dubstep Remix)

on Pop Dubstep Remixes 13 Feb, 2012


When it comes to indie pop/indie rock,
Florence & the Machine always come to mind
as one of the most creative groups in the genre.
Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up) is the group’s second
most successful single to date, and my personal
favorite by the group, and so I knew that the only
way someone could successfully pull off a
dubstep remix is by being extremely intelligent, which
Slof Man & Elkat clearly are.
They were able turn the song into something
completely different, yet maintain the beauty of the vocals.